I recently bought one of the revised ASUS P4T motherboards and am having trouble finding a compatible cooler for the CPU. They stopped using the backplate to make things more convenient, but in doing so they just made it hideously incompatible.

I have looked through dozens of socket 423 coolers on the market and have bought two already that haven't fit right out of the box. They are all designed to either work with the the old clip-on system or the recent backplate-less screw on system. What I need is one that will work with the newest, arcane, screwless, clipless, plastic-pin rig that ASUS has invented just for themselves. No coolers I have seen out there seems to fit this setup.

To get one I bought to fit I did some work with a pocket knife, but the thing is pretty loud and inefficient. It makes contact and is in securely, but my idle cpu temp is about 51C. I would feel a lot better if it was lower than that.

Anyone know of a *quiet*, high-quality socket 423 cooler for this system? Does anyone even have any idea what I'm talking about? So far everyone has despised the socket 423 systems so much they don't even want to learn anything about them. Plus, the pending Northwood gives people even more of a reason not to care about the 423s.

My goal is to get the Thermaltake Golden Orb I bought to fit, but first I have to do a painstaking metal filing job because the grooves on it are too narrow to support the new retention clips.

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