Hey, I'm wondering if you guys can help me out here: I want to do a quick and dirty upgrade of my oldie Celeron 300A@450 computer. My mobo is Abit BH6 rev. 1.0. I was thinking of getting a Celeron 600 that I want to run @900+. I'll also need a slotket to convert the fcpga chip to slot 1 to fit my mobo. However I have some reservations: Abit says it doesnt recommend using fcpga cpus with below 1.1 revision of BH6, something about the mobo may not being able to provide correct voltage. I want to get cC0 (later revision thats more overclockable) chip - is there any way I could tell cC0 form cB0 before I buy it? Or should I play it safe and buy Cel 566 that overclocks to 850 easily (so the technical sites say) even the cB0 version. Anybody done this kind of upgrade? What are my chances of success with 600? Should I get Abit brand name slotket (expensive) or is generic good enough? Does using a slotket affect stability/performance? I'd especially appreciate advice from someone with similar system (BH6 + Cel300A was a popular combo in its day, right) who's already done an upgrade like this. Also just out of curiosity: whats the highest clocked Celeron that you got running stable at fbs speeds 100+?