Which Celeron and what cooling.....
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Thread: Which Celeron and what cooling.....

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    Which Celeron and what cooling.....

    I'm upgrading a system for my buddy and want to knwo what Celery will work on his board. It is a PC Chips 741LMR I believe. It currently has a Celery 533 but the board supports 100FSB speeds and has 8x multiplier. Can it take an 800?
    I can't find answers on the PC Chips website, it only list up to Celery 500 but I know it will take higher. Anyone running this board? Also, if I go to a Celeron 800, what heatsink is best to use?

    The board will take a slot/slocket/socket so if you have another CPU suggestion, let me know.....
    How would a P3-500 compare vs. the Celery 800? The 800 is cheaper, but would the added perofrmance of the P3 overcome the mhz difference?

    Thanks in advance!

    TBird 1.2 @ 1.3
    (2)128mb Crucial@CAS2
    Antec SX1030B
    ALPHA PAL6035 w/Delta
    Abit KT7-R
    (2)Diamondmax+ 7200rpm 30GB
    RAID Level0
    Prophet 2 MX 200/200
    HP9110i + Creative 52x
    Main DVD MM Rig:
    CoolerMaster Storm Scout
    AM3 Phenom II x4 955BE @ 3.6 ghz
    Corsair H50 Watercooling kit
    4.0 GB AData DDR3
    GIGABYTE GA-MA770T-UD3P Mainboard
    Western Digital 750GB 7200rpm w/32mb cache
    Samsung 750GB 7200rpm w/32mb cache
    Western Digital 1.0TB 7200rpm w/32mb cache
    LG 20x DVDRW-DL "SuperDrive"
    PNY GeForce 9800gt 1024mb w/Samsung 245BW 24" LCD
    Corsair 620w Modular Power Supply
    Logitech z-640 5.1's
    Logitech Wireless Mouse
    Win 7 Ultimate........

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    I'm not familiar with that mobo, but since the Celeron is multiplier-locked, the multiplier setting on the mobo has no affect. You should be able to change the FSB to 100, and it should be good for 800 with the stock HFS. I don't know if you can adjust the CPU voltage on that board, or whether it is a very o/c'able mobo. But it won't hurt to try. The Cely @ 800 should be faster than the PIII-500...

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