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    PCI bus

    Hey out there, trying to get some ideas as to how high the PCI bus can go. (so I can eliminate it from my overclocking problems)
    Here are my components on the PCI bus.

    NIC: Linksys T something
    Sound: SB Live value
    SCSI: Adaptic 2930CU

    Oh BTW my board is an Abit SA-6 with the latest BIOS. If any body has any ideas let me know. Thanks. Anything above 139 FSB will POST but not boot into Win98SE, (hangs on the splash screen) My CPU temps don't seem too high according to everyone I've asked. (110F under full load)It's hard to cool a house with a stupid a** swamp cooler, they work like crap. Well at least mine does. Thanks again for any and all info. Later

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    your pci bus should be fine, as it is only running 34.75mhz, where 33mhz is the norm. i bet that it is your cpu, what voltage are you running? you might want to bump it up a little. and what cpu are you overclocking?. oh, to rule out the ram, you probably want to set it down to the lower fsb setting, what is it, the 2:4:3 (abit 815 mobo divider settings) setting i think?

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