So far so good my temps went down a bit. Before with my old HSF and with my left panel always off i was running 50c-57c. Now with the Gladiator and with my case completely closed i running at 47c the highest so far. My mobo temp is 35c which is good so that's in check for me.

I have to say this model was a pain in the *** to install,

I get the whole deal installed to only find out that i couldn't install a stick of RAM into the last DIMM slot because the tab on the HS clamp was blocking it. So nine curses later i had to remove this ***** and bend the tab a little which weakened it a bit. So when i installed it again i had to use a fat *** flat-head screwdriver to push the thing down instead of my finger and use another screwdriver to lock the clamp under the socket tab. This may sound like a clusterF**k but it actually easier to do it with two screwdrivers than one screwdriver and my hand pushing it down. I have huge hands so they get in the way alot, although my girlfriend loves them and what comes with it down south, lol. Anyway, the Golden Gate 38 works great, i'm happy with it and it's never coming off, lol.