Duron overclocking
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Thread: Duron overclocking

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    Duron overclocking

    Ok, I am finally getting rid of this of this prehistoric K6-2

    My question is, once my Duron 800 has arrived and sufficiently burnt-in, can I crank it up to 133FSB?

    All my RAM is PC133, and the PCI bus should go back to default at this speed right?

    The mobo is probably gonna be the Asus A7V133

    Cheers lads,


    I won't bore you with my system specs..
    I won't bore you with my system specs..

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    133x8 is 1064Mhz. With fairly good cooling I dont think this should be a problem. You might have to whack the core voltage up a bit though

    Duron 700@1100 2.1v Air Cooled
    ALPHA PAL6035 & Delta 7000rpm
    Abit KT7 Raid w/voltage mod
    IBM 75 GXP UDMA100
    Gainward Geforce2 Pro 64Meg
    256Mb Crucial PC133 CAS2
    Belinea 10-30-40 17" 0.26
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz S/Card
    ASUS 50x
    Mitsumi 8x 2x CD-R
    GlobalWin 802 w/5x80mm YS-Techs
    Duron 700@1100 2.1v Air Cooled - RIP

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    I got my 800 to 1GHz. That's 133MHz x 7.5

    Can't get it any higher, currently using 1.775v, 1.85 get me no higher.

    I am NOT modding this board for higher voltages, simply cos it costs so ruddy much

    (nutcase 600R)

    AMD Duron 800@1000 (133MHz FSB)
    Abit KT7a RAID
    DiamondMax Plus 60 - 40Gb
    Elsa GeForce2MX 32Mb SDR
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    The HSF I am thinkin of using is the taisol CGK 742. Rated to 1.2ghz, but a lot of people have had them on higher speeds.

    What do you lot reckon?

    I won't bore you with my system specs..
    I won't bore you with my system specs..

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    Neil01952, if you're going to overclock, I suggest the GlobalWin FOP-32-1. It's a pretty good heat sink with the 5400RPM fan so, it's not that noisy.
    The best cooler now is ThermalRight-SK6.

    Hardocp and Tomshardware has review a handful of coolers lately.

    If you want to overclock any higher than 1 Ghz , get a ceritied 300W PSU. I've got my Duron800 max @1Ghz & any higher number would not let the OS to load.

    May I know why is there a Reset Button on my casing?
    I have a Windows PC that likes the Reset Button very much.

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    My SPECS: AMD DURON 700@1000 Mhz(133*7.5)
    cooled with TITAN COOLER(60*60mm)@6800rpm
    128 Mb MICRON PC133 cas3(works@165 fsb)
    HDD QUANTUM AS 20Gb(7200rmp)
    SB_Live Value
    Monitor SIMENS C933 19"(1280/1024@85Hz)
    CASE FULL TOWER (250w DEER HUNT-extra cooled)
    VIDEO CARD GUILLEMOT KYRO II 64Mb(5ns)cooled with GOldenOrb 175/210

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    If you want to change the multiplier on your Duron then you'll need to unlock it by closing the L1 bridges using a Pencil or Conductive Paint. Quite easy to do even while shaking like a Parkinson's sufferer with bad DT's.

    I'd recommend you unlock it as it gives you more overclocking options

    There's plenty of info around how to do it.

    If you're considering the Taisol 742 then you'd be better paying the extra for the Taisol 760 which has a copper insert in the base. A popular mod with the Taisol's is to replace the slimline Delta fan with 2xYS-Tech 60mm fans.

    Don't forget to invest in some arctic silver.

    Only unlocked my Duron 750 2 days ago and I ain't had much chance to investigate. At 100MHz FSB it will POST at all multipliers 5x-9.5x at default voltage. Currently running at 7x133=866 at default voltage, with 4-way interleave enabled and RAM at CAS2.

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to try some other settings over the weekend....

    PS. I'm using a Taisol 760 and a Abit KT7A

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