#Rotor is still alive folks :-)
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Thread: #Rotor is still alive folks :-)

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    #Rotor is still alive folks :-)

    Just returned my e-mail and wanted to let those that asked after his well being know, and to say, (Q the Arnie voice over) "I will be back".

    my absence is due to a little bit of a hard time I'm having in my life... fear not, I have not yet sold my drill press..... I SHALL BE BACK SOON !

    please let the people know I'm not dead yet

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    Thank god, I was thinking of going water cooled soon.

    Wow, he's gonna be proud of you Bladerunner

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    Gr8! I think we've missed him all...

    Honey, i'm so SORRY for spending that cash on a watercooling rig... so sorry... Ouch!!

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