k6-2 450 to 600 is possible?
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Thread: k6-2 450 to 600 is possible?

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    k6-2 450 to 600 is possible?

    if possible, How?
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    Justintime Guest
    K6-2 550 overclcocked to 600 is extremely rare, muchless a 450. Thinks 500 -550 if you're lucky


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    Try it if you want, but you'll find your CPU melted and heatsink welded to it

    I won't bore you with my system specs..
    I won't bore you with my system specs..

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    I got 578 out of my 450, I was using a GOrb, which isn't a particularly amazing cooler.

    Maybe it was just a good chip.

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    Yes, it's possible, but unlikely. 550 will be more like it. What mobo?

    Expect 100-120mhz max overclock on the K6/2 series with 600 being close to max, give or take a little if it is a 2.2v chip. But, if it is the older 2.4v version, don't expect any more than 50mhz at best and 600 will probably be unreachable. The key to these higher speeds is lots of voltage and good cooling. Also, a good motherboard running good memory. Here is a little rundown of what I've had running and voltages:

    K6/[email protected] - 2.7v
    K6/[email protected] - 2.8v
    K6/[email protected] - 2.7v
    K6/[email protected] - 2.8v

    All of these chips cores would not go any higher even with extreme voltages higher than these listed. I still have the K6/3-350 running happily at 450 using 2.7v and it's been there for a long time. I have used only GW FEP32's and ALPHA PAL6035 heatsinks on these to keep the temps down. The higher voltages will run the temps up quite a bit. The K6/[email protected] runs around 35c-40c most of the time.

    The K6/x series cores seem to have a sweet spot around 500mhz. More usually needs to crank the voltage way up. Then, after you find the max speed, they don't seem to run any higher regardless of what you do! I could not get my K6/3-350 up to 500 even with 3.1v and a peltier. It just would not go.

    So, you will just have to play with it and see what it will do. Remember that these kinds of voltages may burn your chip so proceed with caution and don't be disappointed if it gets fried! I haven't popped one yet, but a lot of people have....... just keep it coooooolllllll....

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