nvidia12.41drv to be or not to be.
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Thread: nvidia12.41drv to be or not to be.

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    nvidia12.41drv to be or not to be.

    I just updated my gf2-mx driver frm 6.50 to
    12.41 now my nascar4 wont support direct3d
    and also the video overlay control is greyed
    out and I cant adjust the brightness in my
    DVD movie. So whats up with this new driver?
    Any known fix to this? As for now I slide
    down all the way to 6.50 drv which is a lot
    stable for my sys...eeekkkkk!

    sys. Athlon-1.333/Abit-KT7A/256 mem.
    ProphetII-MX 32
    add-on cards...etc./DirectX 8.1(beta)

    Thanks in Advance

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    I have a gf2mx as well and did the same upgrade you did. I was getting periodic white flashes with the 6.50 drivers in things like 3dmark2001. I upgraded to 12.41 and there are no more errors. So for me hte new driver is much more stable. However, some game a friend brought over would not work with the new driver as well. Wasn't a big deal to me cuz I wasn't "down" with the game anyway. I was more happy that the games I do play ran better now.

    Just curious... is your card overclocked? Mine was at 190/190 but I took it down to 183/183. Interesting thing, the default speeds were 175/150. 150 on memory!!! I wanted to know what was up with that?

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