Cheap 5.0 gig or higher HD?
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Thread: Cheap 5.0 gig or higher HD?

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    Cheap 5.0 gig or higher HD?

    are there any cheap hard drives that are 5.0 gig or higher? I am on low budget right

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    You're probably not going to find anything worth having that's under 10 gigs. The least expensive drives are Quantum, Fujitsu, and Samsung, but I cannot in good conscience recommend any of those brands cheaper drives to you, because they are not worth having. Your best bet would probably be a 20 gig drive, either Maxtor or Western Digital. They're about $67 plus shipping. You can find whatever you're looking for at Good luck!

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    Buying used is a good choice, too. Most of my equipment is stuff I've bought off of For Sale boards like the one we have here. I just got done building a duallie rig going this route.

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