hey guys, i have a athlon 700(i think, i can't even remember what it is now hehe)... i have had it for almost 7-8months now. i have been using a 250watt power supply(and it has been overclocked to 800... couldn't post at anything higher if i remember right computer wouldn't even turn on.) , but few dayz ago i bought a case for 28 bucks that had a 300 watt, and i was like let me replace the power supplies and see if i can overclock it to higher mhz... well after i plugged the new powersupply and stuff, i got up to 850 in win2k, then i did some more playing with my bios(btw i got abit kt7a)... i posted at 94?mhz, then i tried to raise it a little bit and the motherboard went fubared(it reset the bios and ****)... but at that speed i couldn't make it past the win2k load up screen i would get locked up... after doing alot of reseting to the bios and some other things i am back up at 850mhz and running just fine... and the cpu temp is not even that high... cpu voltage is about 1.80..
what do i need to do to increase my cpu mhz and maybe by praying to hit 1 gig... also what new fan do i need to get ? last time i check which was 8 months ago the something-38 was the **** whats the good stuff now dayz?

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