I used to be very suspicios about overclocking al together.
Now I want to try it myself, since you all sound so excited about it. I never done before so, my knowledge is limited to basic math only.

My system configuration:
Asus P2BF (specs recommend Fron bus speed @ 100MHz only with 6.0 CPU clock ration)
However, jumpers can be set as high as 133MHz@8.0 which sound like 1GHz of CPU speed.
My CPU is PIII 450 (not OEM)
My RAM is 128MB PC100
other: ASUS 3800 deluxe AGP and 40Gs Western Dig HD @7200rpms (I don't think it effects overclocking anyhow)
Do I take a chance to blow this perectly working kit if I torture it at 133MHz x 8.0?
Do I need a new 1GHZ PIII? (well I might need new everything if I am out of luck)