Messed up IDE channels?
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Thread: Messed up IDE channels?

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    Dutch Woman Guest

    Messed up IDE channels?

    i am building a server for a LAN on the weekend (using my brothers PC) but for sum reason i cannot seem to detect any IDE devices, whether all channels are full or even for one device, i am truly stummed and i need help tonight, tanx in advance


    bro system:

    256MB RAM
    2x 20GIG seagate 7200 and quantum 5400
    Abit BX6R2

    D650@988 Week 30 VII with CFM 38 FAN
    128 PC133 Hyundai
    128 PC133 Legend
    Abit KT7 RAID
    SB live Value
    Leadtek Geforce(1) DDR rev B @167*350
    10/100 realtek
    Viewmaster 17'1600x1200
    seagate 13.6 7200 ATA 66
    seagate 20.0 7200 ATA 100
    maxtor 4.3 5400
    12X Hitachi GD-7500
    ricoh MP7040A

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    Oct 1999
    Hamar, Norway
    And all channels are set to auto detect in the BIOS ? I used to own a BX6R2, and can't remember any kind of trouble like that.

    Carpe noctem!
    Carpe noctem!

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    Hi Dutch Woman. Next time you start a thread, please try and avoid using F**ked in the subject line.

    I'll let this one slide but next time, I'll have to move the thread to the moderators forum.

    Thank you for listening.
    Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear to be bright until you hear them speak.

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    I have ruined an IDE cable once.
    If your computer is stuck in the detecting hdd & cdrom part and the computer is beeping, it's most likely that you have a bad IDE cable.


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    hey dale, aka dutch_woman
    anyway, i am leaning towards what berserker said.. faulty IDE Cable
    try swapping the ends of the cable, it worked for me! rofl

    AMD Duron 650@900
    Asus A7V r1.02
    192mb PC-133 RAM
    Creative Geforce 2 GTS

    Celeron 433@542
    Asus MEL-C LX AGP
    128mb PC-100 RAM
    Voodoo 3 2000 PCI with WickedGL
    Intel P4 2.26GH/z @ 2.26GH/z
    Epox 4G4A+
    512mb Corsair PC-2700 DDR XMS RAM

    Running Win2K Professional (SP3)

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