Messed up IDE channels?
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Thread: Messed up IDE channels?

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    Dutch Woman Guest

    Messed up IDE channels?

    i am building a server for a LAN on the weekend (using my brothers PC) but for sum reason i cannot seem to detect any IDE devices, whether all channels are full or even for one device, i am truly stummed and i need help tonight, tanx in advance


    bro system:

    256MB RAM
    2x 20GIG seagate 7200 and quantum 5400
    Abit BX6R2

    D650@988 Week 30 VII with CFM 38 FAN
    128 PC133 Hyundai
    128 PC133 Legend
    Abit KT7 RAID
    SB live Value
    Leadtek Geforce(1) DDR rev B @167*350
    10/100 realtek
    Viewmaster 17'1600x1200
    seagate 13.6 7200 ATA 66
    seagate 20.0 7200 ATA 100
    maxtor 4.3 5400
    12X Hitachi GD-7500
    ricoh MP7040A

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    Hamar, Norway
    And all channels are set to auto detect in the BIOS ? I used to own a BX6R2, and can't remember any kind of trouble like that.

    Carpe noctem!
    Carpe noctem!

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    Hi Dutch Woman. Next time you start a thread, please try and avoid using F**ked in the subject line.

    I'll let this one slide but next time, I'll have to move the thread to the moderators forum.

    Thank you for listening.
    ? Quantum Physics ? Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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    I have ruined an IDE cable once.
    If your computer is stuck in the detecting hdd & cdrom part and the computer is beeping, it's most likely that you have a bad IDE cable.


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    Jul 2000
    hey dale, aka dutch_woman
    anyway, i am leaning towards what berserker said.. faulty IDE Cable
    try swapping the ends of the cable, it worked for me! rofl

    AMD Duron 650@900
    Asus A7V r1.02
    192mb PC-133 RAM
    Creative Geforce 2 GTS

    Celeron 433@542
    Asus MEL-C LX AGP
    128mb PC-100 RAM
    Voodoo 3 2000 PCI with WickedGL
    Intel P4 2.26GH/z @ 2.26GH/z
    Epox 4G4A+
    512mb Corsair PC-2700 DDR XMS RAM

    Running Win2K Professional (SP3)

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