Hard Drives, Static Electricity, and Case Fans...
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Thread: Hard Drives, Static Electricity, and Case Fans...

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    Hard Drives, Static Electricity, and Case Fans...

    I have an Antec case with these pull out mini-cases to mount Hard Drives and floppy drives into and then place inside the body of the case. One of these mini-cases has a fan in it at the end of it (it touches the back of the front panel).

    If I install my 2 Western Digital 60 GB 7200 RPM drives into this mini-case with the fan inside it, will there be any static electricity generated by the moving air?? Can this be a problem for the drive to have a fan next to it??

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    I think those cases were designed pretty well and that advantage of having the hard drives there are to cool then really well. In fact, I haven't seen a case with a better fan cooling systen than that so I'm sure that both your hard drives will be okay there.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yea.. I really like this case and so I just don't want to destroy my 300+ dollar investment in hard drives

    Just so everyone may want to know,

    I have the following:

    Antec SX1030 Case
    AMD 1.4 GHz Thunderbird
    ThermalRight SK6 w/ Sunon 27CFM 60mm Fan
    2 256 Corsair PC2100 DDR SDRAM
    2 60 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM Hard Drives
    431W Enermax Power Supply
    64 MB GeForce2 Pro w/ TV-Out
    SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
    8x DVD

    Dunno if I should overclock.. havn't been able to do it successfully yet..

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