As soon as my new Vantec CPU cooler (6030D) comes in, im gonna pop off this Tbird 900 and connect the L1 bridges.

I've seen everything used from a conductive pencil, plain lead pencil, mechanical 0.5 pencil, all the way to using one of those "stickers" that you plaster on the chip which connects the L1s reliably.

Can anyone recommend the best method for success and longevity.....(ie, pencil with mechanical 0.5 pencil and cover with tape)..?

Thanks in advance.

-T-Bird 900@947 (9.0x 105) w/ Chrome Orb
-Abit KT7-Raid
-256mb Mushkin PC133 Rev3
-Geforce2 MX w/32mb SDRam
-WD40Gb ATA100 7200rpm HD
-SuperPower Landmark KS299 case w/300w PS
-Plextor 12/10/32 CDRW
-19" Micron LX Monitor
-RR Cable