We all know I got the KK266R, 256MB Kingmax PC-150, and a Swiftech MC462.
I've been tweaking and tweaking to find stability with the OC. It's running now at 1425(150*9.5) with the voltage cranked as high as it'll let me take it. It'll post at 1500, but hangs before it even starts loading the OS. All the memory timings are tweaked to the max. It idles at 35, and maxes at 47. Are these good temps? Lemme know something here guys. Could I get more with water and voltage mod? Is this a good chip, or should I pick up a 1.4 and see what they'll do? It's running a Leadtek GF2 MX400 64MB, and a pair of DiamondMax 20GB in ATA100 Raid. I'm gonna leave the PIII up for now to be my workhorse. Comiling and such, but this will become the gaming rig. I think I'm gonna put the Radeon in here, and the MX will go back into the PIII.

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