single-sided ram?
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Thread: single-sided ram?

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    Dutch Woman Guest

    single-sided ram?

    i heard a while ago that ram that has all the mem chips on 1 side is suppose to be better quality ram for some reason, anyone heard of this before?

    if there is a difference, what r the pros and cons for double and single coz i got a stick of legend side-sided and a hyundai double-sided

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    128 PC133 Hyundai
    Abit KT7 RAID
    SB live Value
    Leadtek Geforce(1) DDR rev B @155*350
    10/100 realtek
    Viewmaster 17'1600x1200
    seagate 13.6 7200 ATA 66
    seagate 20.0 7200 ATA 100
    maxtor 4.3 5400
    12X Hitachi GD-7500
    ricoh MP7040A

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    Now if you were very cynical you could argue the worst chip was on the reverse side, (one of the ones removed), but if you read through the whole article carefully you get the idea MS knows his stuff. Anyone that can and will remove a whole bank of chips from a 256mb Mushkin Rev 2 dimm is insane right?. But if they can prove a point and through that get the makers of Mushkin to take it on board to produce 128mb Rev 3 because of it then???............ well just read it and make your own conclusions

    Modding a DIMM for performance / Mushkin Rev.3

    page 2

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    BladeRunner, nice link. I am currently using 2 Rev3 Muskin 128mb pc133 sticks. Was using 1 generic double sided 128mb pc 133 stick. I record and edit music mostly and I have to say the difference is, well no errors at all yet, 2 days. It all just works better. I like this Muskin.

    MSI K7T-Turbo
    TBird 900@1050 W/GW FOP32-1Temps(27C to 46C)
    ATX Mid Tower Case
    335 Watt Enermax PS
    Muskin Rev.3 PC-133 Ram 128mbx2=256
    3DFX V5-5500 Agp Vid Card
    WD 20GB ATA100 7200rpm HDD
    WD 15.2GB ATA100 7200rpm HDD
    Pioneer 10X DVD Rom
    HP CD Writer+8200
    Creative Sound Blaster Live Value
    Hoonteck SoundTrack Audio DSP+ACD&DAC2000
    USR 56k modem (PCI)
    Windows98 SE
    Front 8x8 case fans Rear 6x6 case fan

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    Yes good ram is the heart of a stable system especially if you intend to overclock. I do have trouble with mates saying "I can get 256mb for the price of the Mushkin 128". yes I say, but you get what you pay for in life

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    I heard a while back that some people perfered one sided ram because it was hitting higher fsb speeds than it's dbl sided match. I have 2 sticks of crucial. One is 128 single sided and the other is 256 double, and both oc great. Had them running stable at cas2 153mhz when I had my duron, an I will see just how high I can get them on my kk266 when it gets put together. I can't recomend enough. They have free shipping and top quality products. And I believe they also have a lifetime waranty.

    AMD Tbird (AXIA) 1Ghz @ 1Ghz w/ OCZ gladiator
    Asus A7V
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    Leadtek 32meg Geforce2 GTS Pro (225/420)
    Soundblaster Live Value
    Western Digital 20gig 7200rpm (UDMA 100)
    Nec 40x cdrom
    Sony 12x8x32 CD-RW
    17" KDS Avitron flat screan (1024x768 @ 85hz)
    2500+ Barton @ 2.2ghz (200x11)
    Abit NF7-S rev2.0
    Alpha 8045
    Radeon 9800 Pro
    2x 512mb Corsair XMS pc3200
    2x 120gb WD-SE HDDs
    Enermax 431w Whipser
    Lian Li pc61-usb

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