I am building my first PC. I have a:
ATX Mid-tower case
soyo K7VTA-B,
ATI Fury Rage Pro video card,
AMD t-bird 1Ghz,
Deer 250W PS,
128mb PC133 SDRAM,
ARX ACC5050-08VHZ CPU cooler,
WD 20gig 7200 rpm ata100.
56x cd rom
cd-rw 8x8x32
Here is the problem.
When I get ready to load Win 98 it crashes repeatedly, finally got it installed but not smoothly. Got up and running but was unstable when using Outlook, it would freeze up. It was recommended that I re partition and reformat so I could load 98 without it crashing. As it was loading my hardware drivers it froze up. I turned the system off and on and then got "no video display". My processor burned up. This is the second time this has happened. I did not add the thermal gel I was told it was not needed but someone that never adds it. I think my CPU was too hot and I want to buy a new cooling fan. I plan to buy the GlobalWin FOP32-1. Is this a good one and quite? Where can I find the best price? If I buy this one it comes with a thermal pad and their website says to leave this on there is no need to add the gel but I hear conflicting opionions. I have no intention to overclock. And really the big question is what am I doing wrong? Is the power supply sufficient? I have several friends that say it is. I hope I have given enough information because I sure do need help. Just received a new processor and currently am waiting on my motherboard to come back. Thanks in advance.