Well, now it's somewhat finished... still on a project stage but running stability tests (and testing the insulation ) at this moment.
Soon it's time to do some major OC'ing...

The setup:
Asus CUSL-2
P3 750@FSB133
256 RAM PC-166 CAS2
Geforce 256 32Mb Deluxe
40Gb IBM
SB Live! Value
Realtek RTL8139 NIC

Waterblock S370 a la #Rotor, some pump from a place i can't remember and radiator from Tweety and ofcourse a ICE71 tec.
Temps running idle is 0C, when running "distributed.net" the temp stays nice at 13C and watertemp at 32C
Damn, i love to be back on watercooling again, once there you're hooked... the little pump makes that soothing humm-sound, radiator fan running smoothly on 7V... Mmmm... you gotta love it...

Honey, i'm so SORRY for spending that cash on my watercooling rig... so sorry... Ouch!!