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Thread: Heatsink help

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    Heatsink help

    Hello im am new to this forum, but i have a very generic question for you all. I am
    running an amd 1.33 Tbird, and it is getting rather warm with a cool master heat sink
    on it now. Does 57*c under a load sound a bit high to anyone else. Any ways i want
    to get a GolbaWin heat sink now. I hear that they are the best! So what kind do you
    people recommend. I was looking at the GlobalWin WBK38 but i would like your
    input. Thanks in advance ~
    AMD Athlon (Tbird)1.33GHZ
    Global win fop32 sink
    Asus A7M266
    Crucial DDR RAM, pc2100 (256)
    Elsa Gladiac Ultra Geforce 2 Ultra video card
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    Creative Labs 12x DVD Ovation
    HP cdrw 9300+

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    57c is a bit on the high side, but it isn't real bad. As for the GlobalWin WBK38, it is a very good heatsink, one of the best in fact, but it's older technology. Go for the OCZ Gladiator (all copper), ALPHA PAL6035 w/Delta fan, or the Taisol 760092 with copper base and Delta fan. These or the GlobalWin should cool your bird down a bit more!

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    HP9110i Burner
    Delta 50x CD-Rom


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    You can get the WBK, have it myself and love it, it keeps the temps down, especially compared to that Cooler Master heatsink. If you can stand the noise of the WBK 38, it's a good choice.

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    HWC FORCE3D ICQ AL= 57497564
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    I would also not hesitate to recomend both the ocz gladiator and the taisol 760. Both of them are excelent sinks with great clips. I would recomend the taisol with the stock fan if noise is an issue, or try the gladiator with a delta fan for great cooling performance.

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    2500+ Barton @ 2.2ghz (200x11)
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    2x 512mb Corsair XMS pc3200
    2x 120gb WD-SE HDDs
    Enermax 431w Whipser
    Lian Li pc61-usb

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