Is AMD stopping production of Slot A's?
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Thread: Is AMD stopping production of Slot A's?

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    Is AMD stopping production of Slot A's?

    Will the 1Ghz Athlon Classic be the highest speed left for the Slot A Mobo's?

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    Wafers for the Athlon Classic (K-75) processors haven't been manufactured since the end of April according to the May Industry Update over at Real World Technologies .

    All inventory left is currently in distribution channels and when it's gone, that's it. Get 'em while there available. AMD only manufactured a small number of Slot A T-Birds just so they could say they didn't orphan their 750 chipset motherboards.
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    AMD did produce some Slot A T-birds but they where one intended for some OEM manufacturers who complained that they had sh*tloads of slot A boards which were going to become useless. If you are lucky you might be able to get one.

    Some slotA boards will take slot athlons up to a gig but some don't (I know the Epox KX board doesn't)

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    i towed away my slot A 950 a while back, soon as the t-bird came out
    I know there are alot of slot A boards while chips are limited, i kinda wished i did'nt do away with my 950, kinda nice piece of history if you ask me


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    Considering that AMD milked the Socket7 for about 4 years they sure did go through the 750 pretty quick!!! Less than a year. Actuall about 9 Months. WOW.
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    Weird necropost but i actually bought a 950 Slot A last week all of 6 quid for a display i'm making of cpus
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    What o/s are you running on that?

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