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Like doin' weird things. Like bein' an AMI repeat mobo customer. Especially when few remember AMI from BIOS (okay they're coming back) and even fewer knew they make mboards.

So AMI is closing out this single-processor slot A and I buy it directly from them online. Now Antec makes this great case. But the board doesn't fit the case.

Antec bent over backwards, but they only make the same I/O backplate as Abit, Asus, Gigabyte, Tyan and the like. Sent me all the templates they had. Wrote me it was up to the mboard mfr.

AMI is another story. They tell me
(1) get a different case. If their board doesn't fit my case, it must be the wrong case.
(2) they don't know what case I should get. I should log onto www.motherboards.com and have a look see.
(3) they don't know the kinds of cases that work with the Megathon. Find out from the authorized AMI dealers, resellers etc. at the AMI website.

Am fuming. So here's your chance to put in your two cents' worth, because a penny won't do.

Would you
  • Tell AMI to issue a call tag for the !@#$ board and refund every red cent
  • Make your own template out of cardboard, cutting holes to line up with the ports
  • Find some other workaround

Would appreciate your feedback. My Panaflos came looking for all the world like they need to be soldered, possibly onto the board. Can't solder anything onto the board if the board's not supported up front.

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