At last Ive got a T-Bird 900MHz. Its a long story , I posted it some time back. The processor was a replacement to the one I had. Anyway. I want to get to 1GHz. The only problem is that my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7IXE4) doesnt support multiplier change. Only FSB (from 90MHz to 115MHz). So there is no other way except the FSB. So I changed it to 115MHz (MAX) and that gave me 115x9 = 1035 (Finally 1GHz ). It booted fine & ran Sisoft Sandra 2000, CPUMark99 & Performance test3. I used it at 1035 for about 10mins & during that time I saw no stability issues. But the temp went to 52C under full load (quite hot , isnt it ?) So I switched back to 100MHz. I should throw away the OEM fan which came with it & get a good HS + Fan.My problem is, is it okey to run at 115MHz if the PC is stable at that speed?. Ive heard that Athlons dont run well at higher bus speeds. I searched a little in the net & found out that 115MHz is too high. But for me it seems to work. Is it okey for the hard disk, Sound card & the VGA?. (Ive got a SB Live Value , Quantum HDD , TNT2 )

And one other thing a friend of mine said that dont overclock it right now, he said that let it run at 900 for few weeks & then gradually overclock. His opinion was that the processor needs to be seasoned for higher speeds gradually. Is he right?