Removing the cover from a SlotA Athlon
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Thread: Removing the cover from a SlotA Athlon

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    Removing the cover from a SlotA Athlon

    I'm finally gonna stick a GFD on my Athlon 500MHz but I'm afraid to lose the retention mechanism by removing the cover. Did any of you had any problems with this? I'm afraid the cpu will snap off from the slot with the weight of the Alpha P7125 and the two 60mm fan's. Am I worrying for no reason at all?

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    I didn't have any problems with a PIII 700 slot CPU using the similar Alpha P3125. I also had a coldplate and a peltier on it as well.

    It won't snap the PCB but it is a good idea to fit a rubber foot at the fan end so the CPU sits level in the slot. I also used very thin cable ties as relenton to fix the CPU to the slot through the holes in the four corners near the mobos slot if you get what I mean. It does need to be well retained in the slot or it may move or fall out when you move your PC.

    There is a walkthrough on removal of the retail of the retail heatsink here if you need it

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