ok, i have just come back from a LAN and during my time there, i leeched some DivX's which didnt run when i opened them, i tried a few times and they still didnt work (re-leeching and running) so i tried different programs, cuteFTP and geright which some of them worked and others didnt.

WTF is this, when i run them hey say "cannot not find specified file or something.....

can i get them to work?

D650@988 Week 30 FOP 38
128 PC133 Hyundai
SB live Value
Leadtek Geforce(1) DDR rev B @155*350
10/100 realtek
Viewmaster 17'1600x1200
seagate 13.6 7200 ATA 66
seagate 20.0 7200 ATA 100
maxtor 4.3 5400
12X Hitachi GD-7500
ricoh MP7040A