alright...sys specs first i guess

ive got
Abits Be6-2 with abits sloket III
Cely 600 CB0 @ 900
Geforce 2 gts (not OC now, was before)
3 sticks of pc100 (dont know how fast it will go... micron out of a dell pc)
diamond mx300 sound card
two cdrws
two 15G ibm hdds
some no name 300W PS
a 60Gph little giant pump
large water container
120mm RAD
72W pelt
alu water block
Cu spacer

when i run it with ice in the water it drops to right at freezing but with just room temp water, it stays right around 20 Celcius, my question is will a good power supply (non computer) power it right and drop it below zero? im thinking that the power supply is only 12V and probably not nearly enough amps...also, will a drift .8 drop me below zero with room temp water? im thinking of getting one, maybe putting the 72W i have now on my vid card...not so much for OC but for 3D stability, i overheat the card before i get bored of playing games

oh and where can i get a powerful power supply for cheap???

thanks for the help

computers dont have speed limits - NOT ANYMORE

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