Hello ppl.

i currently have a thermaltake super orb which keeps my cpu temp at 50-55c at full load. "sisoft sandra cpu burn in". i believe i am not able to oc' my tb becasue of cpu heat is too high. if so, please just list a HSF combo you used to oc' your tb1.333ghz. thank. my system specs are listed. [tb 1.333ghz. 10x133/33]

*note: i also have two system fans. (intake from front of chasis and exhaust at the rear.) this keeps my system temp at a constant 27-29c on full load.

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tbird 1.333ghz default
abit kt7a-raid
640 generic pc133 cas3
ati radeon 64mb ddr vivo @195/195
sblive [*used via's temperary "crash" fix.]
maxtor diamond max+ 7200rpm ata-100 [20gb and 40gb]