Face the music. AMD just won't make it !!!!! Advance Micro Dogsh*t
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Thread: Face the music. AMD just won't make it !!!!! Advance Micro Dogsh*t

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    Face the music. AMD just won't make it !!!!! Advance Micro Dogsh*t

    You might as well face the music. AMD can't make a decent cpu, they will never dominate Intel, and thats the way it will always be!
    Im sorry if some of you like AMD but I can't figure out why you pack your boxes with that crap. I mean, I don't mean to be offensive here (tell me if I am) but why do you think space agencies don't use AMD.
    Why? Because AMD can't be trusted to make something that actually works. I mean, why would you want to be up in space getting errors from your computer.
    If you buy a processor, pay the extra $$$ and get your moneys worth. Because you sure arn't with AMD. Advance Micro Dogsh*t.

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    You are DUMB!!! AMD rocks just as much as Intel. You are ignorant and brainwashed. Don't post here if you are goin talk this ****. I've owned an AMD and except for the via chipset the CPU rocked! Go away you bumb.

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    This may not be the greatest way to start off on this board. This is your first post, maybe you should sit back and lurk a little to see how interactions take place here.

    Starting out by attacking all of the AMD people here is not going to win you any friends.

    Just my humble opinion of course, but I think many will agree.

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    Originally posted by Chipman_343:
    You are DUMB!!! AMD rocks just as much as Intel. You are ignorant and brainwashed. Don't post here if you are goin talk this ****. I've owned an AMD and except for the via chipset the CPU rocked! Go away you bumb.
    I would have to agree! This post needs a lock put on NOW! My Opinion ofcourse!

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    Don't let this person push your buttons, let him voice his opinions. We still live in a free society, anyone can make an *** of himself anywhere anytime.

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    While freedom of speech is a Constitutional Right, making a fool out of yourself in your first post does arise some questions about your commons sense. Then again maybe you just dropped in to shake things up.
    Answer this: If Intel makes such great products why did they release <1.2GHz PIV chips only to pull them from the market when they knew they weren't ready to be shipped?
    If AMD makes such crappy products why are more and more Mobo manufactureres releasing Socket A boards? Why are more gaming rigs coming equipped with Athlon chips?
    I think that both Intel and AMD make goods products but for now, until Intel reclaims its throne you'll have to admit that AMD is ahead. Besides, if Intel were the only chip maker, besides Cyrix , how much do you think you'd be paying for that Pentium? Face it, if it weren't for the AMD Athlon giving the Pentium a run for its money you'd probably have to shell out a few hundred more per chip or per system.

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    If you buy a processor, pay the extra $$$ and get your moneys worth. Because you sure arn't with AMD. Advance Micro Dogsh*t.
    "arn't" - learn to spell dumba$$!

    Now that you have voiced your opinion, let me voice mine:

    Stupid, insignificant, butt-pirate, brownie pumpers like yourself should learn to research your information a little more before forming an utterly useless and idiotic opinion such as yours! After you study the true facts for a while, you will truly see the error of your ways. If you do not, then I guess we will all know that you actually came from the shallow end of the gene pool and someone needs to pull the drain plug to rid us of your kind quickly.

    Just my opinion of course, and everyone is entitled to one........


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    Lock this thread now!..Who said ignorance is bliss??

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    Mem score is only 32mb BUT I can get a bit more if I overclock the busmore. This Cyrix is a really high performer in Q3, and with AA on the banshee it smashes a Radeon or Geforce.

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    Cyrix, gotta love the PR system
    WOW!! Check out those mem scores!
    btw is cougar still in business Paul, cause I can't find them one the net, or is it a home manufactured board?
    Ya, I bet AA is crazy on that Banshee, you should really post some pics.

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    This looks like the work of someone that was already a member, and was bored. He probably typed that on a T-Bird. Quit tryin to stir the ****.

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    I did sir, he's my cousin.
    Who is he?
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    I know that, what's his name?
    That is his name sir, *******, Major *******.
    And his cousin?
    He's an ******* too sir. Gunners Mate First Class Phllip *******
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    Hell ( :-))
    There you go.......... another one of Intel HOOOs

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    Originally posted by paul_greenville:
    but why do you think space agencies don't use AMD.
    Why? Do you have any idea how much money Inhell probably pays them to use their chips? And excuse my But i do believe it was Boeing who bought a whole bunch of thunderbirds because of their great ability to crunch numbers for the building of their new delta rocket.

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    any real number crunching is being done by super computers. Machines definitely not with intel chips. Usually along the lines of a bunch of a 1000 Power PC G4s running in parallel.

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    I think people who havnt really experienced an AMD Athlon dont know what they are talkin about. Sure the K6-2's and etc had problems but that is gone with the Athlons
    ANyway, u people shud try using T-bird systems, they are cheaper and faster IMO ; And we are all entitled to an opinion.
    It is ok to say you dont like AMD tho but dont take it out on those who like them - On the whole it seems to be the Intel users/likers who take it out on the AMD users more than the other way round.
    Also i think big companies like NASA would use Intel (if they do) because they will be using the same systems albeit boosted they had 20 yrs ago.
    I did some work-experience at British Aerospace recently however and they were removing a lot of Silicon Graphics machines in favour of stacks of T-birds so maybe companies are wising up to the power.
    Anyways, the Processor war is a big one and it will be anyones guess how it goes so lets see (tho could Intel be the 3dfx of tomorrow).

    Anyway thanx for reading my Longest EVER post but its only my opinion cos (f)lamers like that really annoy me

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