How to overclock an AMD K6-2 500 to a 550 ?
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Thread: How to overclock an AMD K6-2 500 to a 550 ?

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    How to overclock an AMD K6-2 500 to a 550 ?

    I have an AMD K6-2 500 on a DFI K6XV3+/66 mainboard. I've tried overclocking it to 550
    by increasing its voltage to 2.3V and adjusting the jumper settings on the board itself. But my computer can't seem to boot !
    Why is this ?

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    Justintime Guest
    use thermal paste and a good heatsink, you may need as much as 2.5V to runs 550Mhz stable, most 500s ive seen do 550, but need around 2.4-5V in most cases.


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    Justintime is right, you will probably need 2.4v-2.5v to hit 550. My 500 needed 2.5v for 550 on my K6XV3+..... (I won't tell you what it took for 600mhz....... but I will tell you it could fry at any moment! )

    P.S. - It takes 2.9v for 600mhz....


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    well.. I got ya topped..

    it took 3.2 to get my k6-2 450 semi stable. watercooled.. it was stable enough to play MP3s.. it was very unstable other than that
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