Weird Athlon Question
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Thread: Weird Athlon Question

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    Weird Athlon Question

    ok, i tried overclocking a bit more my no.2 machine which was overclocked to 1071 (900-T-bird) Now, the thing does 1100 with a flush 100Mhz Bus and 1.89V, the default board settings (A7Pro) is 101Mhz, i noticed the AGP speed went from 68Mhz to 66Mhz and thus from 272 to 264 in AGP 4X, but i have seen a 4FPS Increase with more clockspeed and less AGP speed, i used to have it at 102X10.5, now have it at 11X100, question is, is the downed Bus worth it? the cpu dosen't like 1111Mhz at all, it's stable, but does not install windows 98 (my overclock test) without problems, win2k will run fine at 1111 but i'd always get it in my head that the processor is not 100% stable thanks for any advice paople!


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    Use a regular Athlon !

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