whats the best hard drive to get
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Thread: whats the best hard drive to get

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    whats the best hard drive to get

    i have the kt7 raid however only one drive i was thinking of geting another drive, however my friend's maxtor HD are having probles is there any on you would recommend.

    PS right now i have a IBM 30 gb eide 7200rpm is it better to get another HD that is at the same rpms or is that negligible
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    for raid O: you already have the best HD just get another one

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    yeah, deffinately get the same HD again.

    With RAID 0, you will get the theoretical performance of twice your slowest hard drive, so you be wasting your current HD if you got anything worse and went for RAID.

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    get IBM 75GXP 7200rpm, IBM 60GXP 7200rpm or the Quantum Fireball AS 7200rpm.
    The IBM is a winner cus of lower noice.
    But the Quantum u could get in 10 GBs and up
    Sorry to say the 10GB, 15GB and 20GB of the IBMs 75GXP has vanished somehow :C

    But then IBM 60GXP has 20GB, 40GB etc.

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    people really should search the forums cos i am sure a question like this comes up every couple of days. http://discussions.hardwarecentral.c...ML/014746.html

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    Another vote for the all-conquering IBM 75GXP.

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    Yeah, I would recommend the IBM 75GXP. I have one, its the best drive I have ever owned and hasn't broken (yet ).

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