I just replaced my LOUD generic CPU fan with a Thermaltake Volcano II because I reaad great things about them here. Now... My question is this: My old fan was LOUD but smooth, not my new Thermaltake Volcano II is much quieter but I notice a slight vibration. I didn't notice until I sat back & put my feet up on the desk and felt it! It doesn't shake the paint loose or anything, but I can feel it everywhere on my dek, even through my steering wheel! Is this normal for these?

**** Most Important, am I going to harm my CPU or boards with this vibration?

Please give me some advise if you have any experience with this!!


AMD T-Bird axia 1.2GHz @ 1.38GHz
Abit KT7a Motherboard
Hercules GeForce2 Pro 64mb
256mb Micron PC133 Ram
Western Digital 30g 7200rpm hdd
Maxtor 10g 7200rpm hdd
HP 8x CD-Burner
Hitachi 17" monitor