Where can I get Fan Adapters
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Thread: Where can I get Fan Adapters

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    Where can I get Fan Adapters

    Does anybody know of somewere to order some 80-60mm fan adapters.

    -T-Bird [email protected] PalAlpha6035+Delta
    -Abit KT7
    -2x128mb PC133Cas2
    -Proview 770 (17 inch) monitor
    -2X DiamondMAX 52049H3 (20gig)
    -Memorex CRW 2642 CDRW
    -ADSL512 (Nildram)
    [email protected](11*200)
    Abit NF7-SV2.0
    3 X256 TwinMOS DDRPC3200
    Radeon 9800Pro
    Iiyame MST 1451 (19 inch)monitor
    -1X Dimond Max Plus 9 160Gig SATA
    -1x Dimond Max Plus 9 80gig
    -Liteon LTR52246s
    -Benq DW1640
    -ADSL2048 (Nildram

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    You could try 3dcool.com. For mine, I just got case fans at radio shack, drilled holes, and screwed them into the case. My brother put some case fans in his with strips of velcro from the hardware store. Either way works...

    I know, I've got some serious buying to do.

    P2 400 (but not for much longer)
    Abit BE6-2 v1.2 with problems
    Diamond Viper V770 Tnt2
    SB Live Value
    IBM Deskstar 7200rpm 45GB
    1.33Ghz Athlon w/ Alpha heatsink
    Abit KT7A-Raid
    Geforce 2 GTS(Winstar)
    256MB PC150 Cas-2 SDRAM
    SB Live Value & Grotto headphones
    IBM Deskstar 7200rpm 45GB
    Network card, CDRom, ...

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