A Swiftech MC370-0A heatsink for less, in stock
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Thread: A Swiftech MC370-0A heatsink for less, in stock

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    A Swiftech MC370-0A heatsink for less, in stock

    I've been reading good thing about the Swiftech MC370-0A but one place on pricewatch wanted too much and the other place never had it in stock. Then I came across this one at kdcomputers.com http://www.kdcomputers.com/Cooling/CPC30370M.htm which according to this article http://www.voidyourwarranty.net/revi...sr1/index.php3 they say is the exact same heat sink as the Swiftech MC370-0A.
    After reading these 3 articles this heatsink is all mine! It's only $27.

    Ima overclock the hell out of my chip

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    Wow, thats a really great deal. I however think I am still going to go with watercooling for my new t-bird. Thanks for the heads up though.

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