Overclocking P3 500
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Thread: Overclocking P3 500

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    Overclocking P3 500

    I just replaced my board in my P3 500 (slot one -its not a coppermine it think)Well it has the soft bios for clocking -is it worthwile to overclock this processor? What can I get out of it and what can I lose by overclocking it- Sorry I'm new at this stuff-thanks
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    I have an Orig. P3 500 doing 625 on air. These CPU's don't overclock as good as the cumines. The most I ever got out of this one was 650 but after that the L2 givesout.

    Now if it's a 500e (cumine) you can probably get 750 outn of it if you have good mem. That would be 150 fsb.

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    You probably have a Katmai. If so, your BIOS will show the core at 2.0V. To O/C, increase the FSB. Your Soyo mobo works great with SoftFSB using Target clock generator IC-Works W196x. Increase the FSB setting by setting. When it doesn't work, reboot and increase the core voltage to the next setting. It's that easy. Get SoftFSB here:


    A Katmai should be good for around 620 MHz with good cooling. So, the top FSB you're likely to hit is around 124 MHz. If you can get to 124 MHz, that'll get you to the 1/4 PCI divider which will get the PCI back to spec. Use the 124/31 setting in your BIOS.
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