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Thread: Temperature Problem!!!

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    Originally posted by Binar:

    RMA=Return manufacture authorization
    (esti obligat sa ceri de la firma producatoare sau resseler- RMA cand ai garantie si vrei sa trimiti ceva inapoi pentru ca este defect)
    Maybe in your country , but here in Romania, we live under other rules ...

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    1)Did you use any thermal paste at all?Usually the thermal pad that came with your heatsink is useless if you want to do some overclocking.Also I bet you removed the 4 pads you found on your CPU.Am I right?
    2)Yes I was born in Romania but I moved to US long time ago.So you can figure out now where I bought my CPU.Anyway I've ordered it from www.newegg.com for $234.

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    Binar: I've used Arctic Silver II on it. I think i put too much of it on the cpu's core. I didn't remove those 4 rubber feet from it (of course i didn't)

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    Obviously something went wrong, it almost sounds like the heatsink wasn't sitting on top of the core slug the way it's supposed to. I use a $10 Matrix HSF and $2 thermal compound and the hottest this thing(gig T-Bird) ever will ever get to is 46c under full load, but usually will idle around 39c-42c.

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    I think what you are missing is a copper spacer. My Tbird is running at 49 degrees with quakeIII running and a large image being converted in Photoshop. I have tried this a few times for about a 20 to 30 min duration. At idle my cpu runs about 33 degrees. I am using my Pal6035 and a converter(i made) for a Panaflo 92mm L1A. I don't think I will have much airflow problem with 48 cfm of air taken fresh from the side.
    The copper spacer with some artic Silver compound help drop the temp by about 8-10 degree due to better contact. Did I also mention that with the 92mm fan, my case is extremely quiet @ less than 30dBa. I hope i help out a bit. Good luck.

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    The CORE comes with a copper shim. It's sheer BULK makes it almost essential to installation.

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    It's funny really that you guys gripe about the Volcano II not being a good enough cooler. Used on my PIII, it's the best cooler I've had on there.

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