I've been running my 1ghz tbird @ 1250 on a Abit KT7A at 1.85v. It was running cool since yesterday. Yesterday the temps were going crazy. I was playing Quake1 (yes, that game ownez) and the temp rised to 62C. Same thing happens when i play q3 too. Before yesterday it would never climb to more then 50C. I've got the CORE from CPUfx. I've tryed other noname coolers but it's the same. Just the idle temps are better with my CORE. I've tryed other voltages (1.775, 1.8) but it's still going to 60C. I wouldn't get bothered by this but my pc locks up at 63C. I installed the cooler again, put some thermal paste but still the same thing. What can be wrong here? I'm going crazy.

T-Bird 1000 @ 1250 (9 x 139)
Abit KT7A
128 Mb Kingston PC133 Cas2
Creative GeForce2 GTS (220 / 370)
Quantum Fireball AS 40Gb 7200RPM ATA100
ADi Microscan E66 19" Monitor