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Thread: Which dremel??

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    Which dremel??

    I was looking for a dremel and saw alot of them for all differnt prices. i had no idea there were so many different kinds. which one would be a decent one for case modding and maybe to use on like plexiglass??
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    The tips and cutting tools are basically universal. I would choose one that has a high rpm range, since it will boost your cutting speed. I personally have a Ryobi (brand name) multi tool. Mine is rated to 25k - 30k rpm (not sure which offhand) and it makes short work of most metal. Never used it for case modding yet, althogh i will soon. I used it for working on my paintball gun and it was great at cutting galvanized screws, nails, etc... Also the fiberglass reinforced cut-off discs work wonders at high rpms. Good luck

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    I recently bought a cheap Dremel look-alike (Best Tools MD130A), works with all the Dremel accessories. I've already had to exchange the first one I bought for another one though, because the axle locking mechanism (which holds the axle still when changing bits) broke.

    Used it with some reinforced cutting wheels to mod my old Mini-AT into an ATX tower. Only cost me $37 too, compared to $54 which is the lowest price I've seen for a Dremel Multipro here.

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    Carpe noctem!

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    make sure you get one with the flex shaft attachment. Its a pain to get the tool in some of the tighter places, and the flex shaft will save you some headaches. when cutting plastic to mod your case be sure to support the shaft with the back of your hand, if you dont the cutting disk has a dendancy to grab and dig, often cutting more then you wanted to. You may even look into getting a 90 deg with flex shaft.

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    I also have a Ryobi MotoTool. It appears to me that it is more powerful, and sturdier than the dremel I had. I recommend it.

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