Golden Orb & new chassis fan to aid Tbird cooling
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Thread: Golden Orb & new chassis fan to aid Tbird cooling

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    Golden Orb & new chassis fan to aid Tbird cooling

    Hi there,

    I have been having some serious cooling problems with my Tbird 1GHz. The temperature will not drop below 51C. I have turned the heatsink from suck, to blow, and this has helped somewhat with the situation. Previously the CPU's temp ran at around 57C, and this, I understand, is a temp to avoid.

    I have applied thermal grease to the CPU although it hasn't helped much at all. I lowerd the voltage from 1.78V to 1.71V.

    Will the Golden Orb help this CPU in acheiving less then 45C? Or should I go for something a little more brute? I am definately going to overclock this sucker to at least 1.1GHz, which I have already tried and it runs great.

    I will also be adding a chasis fan to help the airflow even more. Will this actually help in cooling the CPU?

    Thanks for all of the help this forum has provided!! Much appreciated!!

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    1,187 are using a T-Bird, and you want to overclock...and you are thinking about using a Golden Orb on it?

    To make a long story short, YES you need something with a bit more "brute force"

    Get one of the Taisol heatsinks and swap the fan for something better, that's my best recommendation.

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    Heheh yeah definitely forget about the Gorb for that chip. At the very least you'll want a SuperOrb; probably be wanting a FOP32 or an Alpha or whatever is hot [or cool ] at the moment..

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