Something that I'm unclear on
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Thread: Something that I'm unclear on

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    Something that I'm unclear on

    When you 'unlock' an Athlon or a TBird, you get to fool with the mulitplier settings. But do you also get to reset the FSB? For instance, if you got a TBird that was running 900MHz and had the 100MHz FSB, would unlocking it allow you to increase the FSB as well as the mulitplier?

    Another question. If you did increase your FSB, that would mean that your memory would have to be able to run at that increased speed too, correct? Thanks.

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    Unlocking a Tbird let's you mess with the multiplier. The FSB is always up for messing with(chip unlocked or not) and yes it effects the speed the memeory is clocked at.

    Hope that helps.

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    My understanding is FSBx(?) = CPU speed

    So if you dont unlock your CPU you can still Overclock the FSB, Just change the Multiplyer Down to where the CPU speed is the same. I am currently running FSB @112, and using a multiplier of 12.5. Giving me 1400. I also have a memory setting that allows me to run my memory @ FSB(host clock)+ PCI clock(which is 37). Thereby making my PC133 run @ 149.

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