How many Watts is my system using?
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Thread: How many Watts is my system using?

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    How many Watts is my system using?

    Hey guys

    I wanna know how many watts i'm pulling from my power supply, this is becuase it's acting kinda funky latest (random reboots, etc)

    this is my system

    AMD Athlon @ 850/850mhz
    1Gig PC/133 SDRAM
    4Gig 5400RPM EIDE
    8gig 5400RPM EIDE
    40.6gig 7200RPM EIDE
    6x/4x/24x CD-RW EIDE
    Voodoo 5 5500 64mb PCI (runs off of PSU)
    Zoom Internal Data/Fax Modem ISA
    SOHOware 10/100 PCI Etherenet NIC

    this is all running off of a 235watt power supply.

    ALSO, i have a 60MM fan on the back, a 120MM fan on the front, and triple 40MM fans on my CPU

    how many watts do you think i'm pulling?
    and is there any "rule of thumb" to figure this out quickly and easily?
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    The problem with that is that differant componants will draw differant amounts of power and power supplies feed about 10 differant voltages (+12, +5, +3.3, -12, -5...). The most important thing to look at is the CPU and graphics card and do you have a lot of other periferals (liek 3 hard drives and 2CDs). The Voodoo5 draws quite a bit (something like 25w). The Athlon also draw quite a bit (around 40w). Now the Athlon is very picky about a constant supply of power and most power supplies are rated for the maximum it can supply.

    Fans generate a wide range, but a high speed 60mm can draw up to 4w and a 120mm can draw at least double that. I doubt each CD and HD would draw more than 5-10w max each (and only when running). Sound cards probly draw closer to 10 with the amplifier curcitry. Modems and NIC cards probly draw under 5w.

    AMD has a listing of all PS rated for AMD Athlons. Soemthing like a Sparkle 250w is rated for 1.33Ghz, but some 450w (like the Enermax) is only rated for 1Ghz. Go hear for the list:

    I'd look at any of the 250w that ar rated for high speeds and get the next better (for growing room and the Voodoo5). The Sparkle 300w is pretty good and only runs about $40. This is actually pretty overkill, but you might as well be sure and for $40 its a good investment.

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