Good MB for watercooling AMD ?
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Thread: Good MB for watercooling AMD ?

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    Good MB for watercooling AMD ?

    Hi there all
    I have almost finished my home-made aluminum case with integrated water cooling and soon will be buying a athlon/duron system to put in it
    But am unsure of what is the current status on crankable AMD mainboards
    Probably will get an 850 duron want to crank it to 1.2 /1.3 gig
    Would like to get A DDR chipset
    So what have people had the most success with ?

    Water cooling system info
    4.4 L capacity
    600l/hr pump
    200x150x80 radiator (ex aircon)
    2x 120mm 240v fans
    Soon to get 75w Pelter

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    I will be buying an A7V133 soon to power my watercooling rig, but that's a KT133A board. Don't know enough about T-Bird/Duron systems to give you any advice on the other motherboards.

    Oh and, what are you going to use that 75W peltier for ? I sure hope you're not thinking of using it on the cpu. Don't use anything less than a 156W peltier, your radiator seems fat enough to handle that kind of a heatload. Using a 75W peltier is pure suicide for the processor. For the motherboard or graphics card however, it'll be cool. Overkill, but cool

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    Originally posted by Mr_Bond:
    Probably will get an 850 duron want to crank it to 1.2 /1.3 gig
    Good luck because few Durons will make it to 1.25GHz. It's a matter of their design not your cooling. If you, by chance, make it to 1.3GHz come back and tell us, you'll be one of a '|eet' few.

    And what D|sElMiNk said is correct. At 1.85 volts or more and 1.2+ GHz clock speed, a Duron is putting out easily 50 - 55 Watts of heat or better. Nothing less then a 112 Watt peltier is vital to keeping near freezing temps.

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