Alright guys,
Currently my FSB is 100 and my multi 8.5. Ive moved the fsb up enough to hit 892 (I think) but my computer crashed right away. My temps are 40-44 Celcuis idle! My CPU fan's RPm is only a little over 4000, but thats the way the stock HSF was when I bought it. My question is how far have you went? And if should I get a new HSF and heatsink like the Valcano II or the FOP-38, before I even start? My suggested overheat temp. form my CPU is 50 Celcius, So im close even idle. But after a CPU stree test it never really goes past 44. Any suggestions would help. Thanx

-T-Bird 850 (100 x 8.5)
-DFI AK74 SC w/ VIA KT133 chipset.
-128Mb Micron PC-133 CL2
-Asus V7700 G-string 2 GTS 206/340
-Fijitsu 10.2 gig @ 5400rpm
-SB Live! PC 128
-Lite-on 40x CD ROM
-Iomega ZIPCD 650 4x4x24 CDRW
-Sony CPD-E 100 Trinitron Flat Screen