power supply for an athlon
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Thread: power supply for an athlon

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    power supply for an athlon


    would this be good for my asus A7V and 1.1 ghz Athlon, with 1 case fan and 1 cooling fan?

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    If that is an accurate picture, that looks like the same PSU I used in building a dual PIII 800 system. It has 1 Nidec fan (as seen in pic) in rear, 1 Sunon fan in front and a over heating LED indicator (as seen in pic) in the rear.

    IF that is an accurate picture (down to the Nidec fan) then it should be a good PSU.

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    that should be quite sufficient


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    E-Mail the guy and ask for the make and model. Then goto AMD's website and look it up:

    Even an AMD approved PS rating is not enough. Even an Enermax 450w power supply is only rated for an AMD Athlon 1.0Ghz, but a Sparkle 250w is rated for a 1.2Ghz or more.

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