O/C'd P3 850 SECC2
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Thread: O/C'd P3 850 SECC2

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    O/C'd P3 850 SECC2

    Ok, here's my system:
    Abit BE6-II v2.0
    PIII 850 (100FSB) @1003 with Alpha p3125s HS/2 YS Tech fans
    256 mb Crucial pc133 memory
    Guillemot SDR Prophet256
    Maxtor DiamondMax DMA66
    Windows ME

    And here's the problem:
    If I go above 118mhz for the FSB my system will not boot past the Windows entry screen and freeze. Can anyone help pinpoint a problem so I can go faster?!?!
    Thanks for the help!

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    Sure, your processor need more voltage. If it gets to the Windows boot screen, and won't boot it's almost always a voltage issue.

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    Antec TruePower 550 vmodded
    2x Western Digital WD-1200JS(RAID0)
    Lite-ON 1633S DVDRW
    Gentoo 2.6.14-nitro2

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    Well my voltage is set at 1.80v, so do you think I need to up it more?

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    Absolutely. My PIII 700 @ 994 MHz has been at 1.95V since October with no problems. (It was at 1.9V from July until October.) I've had it running at 2.0V, also with no issues at all. You've got good cooling, so just increase it as required in 0.05V increments.
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