Alpha 6035 question
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Thread: Alpha 6035 question

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    Alpha 6035 question

    I have an older Alpha 6035 that I bought last year for overclocking my Celeron. I just recently bought an Athlon 1.2ghz/266fsb and an Asus A7V-133 mobo. I've been looking around and it seems that there is a newer "black" version of the 6035 that has a little bit different mounting plate on it. My question is, would my older Alpha work properly for cooling this new T-bird? I don't want to buy another fan if I don't have to, yet I don't want to muck anything up. Just wanted to see if anyone else is using the older Alpha 6035 on their T-bird and if it is giving good results.


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    If it is the older version, I think its a PAL35. It wont have the copper base, and the whole heatsink is constructed from aluminium. The fins are slighty larger too, and spaced a bit further apart. I would think it should be sufficient for cooling your Tbird, but make sure that the clip is strong enough, as my old PAL35 clip is far too weak for socketA. If this is the case, you could perhaps invest in a clip from the later PAL6035, which is much stronger

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    i'm using the older alpha 6035 on my duron@1000 and it works fine,35C at idle, but you have to get the high tension clip for it i got mine at for $2.25 the part# is CL57G.take the end off your old clip and use it on the new one, that way it hooks on all 3 lugs on the socket.

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