unfortunatley it did'nt survive!
Damn, full tower, Seagate 10K scsi, 1.2 athlon@1.3Ghz dead!!!

i feel emasculated!
rig fell from my desk, i usually have it on the floor, but was doin some hdd swapping, fell down, power still on, heatsink broke off, chip fried mobo fell on a wooden shoe rack, cracked through, scsi don't boot no more!
i am now on my A7pro machine, with a 900 athie@1000, duron sold.....
chip was totally smokin for a few brief seconds before mobo died, gawd!! i am GUTTED
luckily, the ide drives all survived, and they had my fioles and mp3's, so all's not lost!
i wish i felt that way though! time to pull out my k6-3+ machine for internet, don't need a server now!