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Thread: Windows 98 startup menu

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    Windows 98 startup menu

    Please help. I was trying to fix my friends computer but i ended up making it worse. His initial problem was that his computer would not shutdown or restart properly. After messing around with the computer, it still has the ame symptons as before. However, evertime the computer is started, it always starts up in Windows 98 start up menu with the 6 options. How do i get it to stop doing this? Also after finally starting, it has big fonts and appears as if it started in safe mode even though the safe mode letterings are missing from the corners. When i try to mess with the settings under display, the computer says it needs to restart before accepting the new settings. However, it gets stuck and never shuts down. When i finally start it up again, it's the same thing all over again. Please advise.
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    if you used Tweak UI or some other tweaker for windows then you may have accidently told it to show the boot menu.

    if your freind doesnt mind looseing what he has then I recomend that you re-install windows 98, get rid of the problem at its root (it being a while since windows 98 was installed)

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    Since you've got the boot menu coming up anyway, why don't you go ahead and use one of it's most useful features: create a boot log.

    This should tell you what the problem is with startup and you can most likely fix it without resorting to any extreme measures.

    Also, did you try to restore a good copy of the registry?

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    here's what to do, load windows and go under the start menu. Click on run. The type C:\windows\system\msconfig .. Click the advanced button and deselect the X in the box besides the Windows Start Menu option.. As for the Display try reinstalling the vidio drivers.. Goodluck!

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