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Thread: In need of advices

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    In need of advices

    I'll be building a new computer in the next two weeks, hopefully. And since this is my first attempt at building one, I have a few questions regarding cases and cooling. First, I'll names the parts that I'll be using for this project:

    ASUS A7V133
    T-bird 1GHz 200FSB
    PC133 256MB (though I'm thinking about adding another 128 stick in)
    Creative Annihilator 2 Ultra
    SB Live! Platinum 5.1
    NIC card
    DVD drive
    Zip drive

    Can anyone recommend a case for my setup? My main concern is the mobo, since it seems to be a little bigger than normal ATX boards? Will it be able to fit into any ATX case?

    I'm thinking of going with a 400w psu. Is that going to be enough to power my setup?

    Also, what should I use to cool my cpu? Since I don't plan on doing any overclocking, would be FOP32-1 be sufficient? And what kind of fans should I use as case cooler and how many would I need?

    I realize that these are most likely mere newbie questions but I'd greatly appreciate any help.
    Iwill KK266-R
    T-Bird 1GHz w/ FOP32-1
    2 IBM 20G Deskstar in RAID 0
    Toshiba 16X DVD
    Tonicom PC166 256+128
    Creative Annihilator 2 Ultra
    Creative SB Live! platinum 5.1

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    Yes it will fit into any standard ATX Mid tower case without any trouble. The only issue you might have is some of the cheaper cases will mount the PS vertically in the case. This blocks the CPU from getting good airflow and requires you to remove the PS to install the motherboard, CPU, and heatsink. Better cases mount the PS horizontally along the top of the case. This has an added bonus that most cases like this have a spot for a second case fan in back dirrectly below the PS (which is the recommended cooling by AMD).

    As for power supplies, a 400w is a bit overkill. AMD is pretty strict on the rating of PS and rates most 300w and even some 250w PS for the 1.2Ghz Athlons. The Sparkle 250 is one of these. A 300w Sparkle should be more than enough, but something like the Enermax Wisper 330w is a very nice and quiet PS that looks realy cool too.

    For cooling, the FOP32-1 should be enough and will let you avoid the noisy Delta 38 fan. I personnally would think about the Vantec FCE-62540D. It is 80x60x70mm and would actually fit an 80mm case fan pretty good. As you can see below the stock Delta 38 looks pretty small on this heatsink. Just ziptie an 80mm on top.

    Now you can go with a PanaFlo L1A 80mm for ultra quiet (25CFM at 21db), but it might not cool enough. You could go with a PanaFlo H1A 80mm (40CFM at 35db). This would cool about as good as the Delta, but run slightly quieter than the YS-Tech fan from the FOP32-1. PanFlo makes a great 92mm case fan. The L1A (low noise) runs 43CFM at 27db and the H1A generates 60CFM at 35db. I recommend at least a pair of case fans (92mm if they will fit). You can get the PanaFlo fans here, but they below, but they have a few draw backs. They are not speed sensing and they do not come with the plugs. You can get 3 or 4 pin (or a fan bus) at the same sight for pretty cheap.

    As for cases, I like the place below. They have a good selection of cases, ranging from black to beige, to color, to metalic, to desktop, to tower, to server and rack mount. Shipping runs about $15 and their prices are pretty good too.

    As for an actual case. I like the FK-320, but the FK-603 is very nice too. The Enlight VTI 7237 is pretty good. Same for the Antec SX-1030B SOHO File Server Case. I would be hesitant to get any of these with the power supplies and Directron does not have very good prices or range of PS. This is the FK-320:

    This case has great cooling, but no removable motherboard tray (which does not bother me). It comes with a 300w AMD approved PS, but someone posted they had problems with the PS on theirs. These things can fit 2-92mm and 1-120mm case fan for cooling and has a stack of nice features to boot.

    Just remember the more fans the noisier. You might not be bothered by the noise but even the FOP32-1 bothers me. That is why I always recommend getting the largest low noise fans you can fit. Every 3db is twice as loud and doubling the number of fans will add 3db to the noise level. This means that 2-92mm L1As will run 30db. This is 1/4 the noise level of the YS-Tech 60mm 27CFM fan on the FOP32-1 (or about 50 times quieter than the Delta 38). Get some small zip ties and tie up everything out of the way. It looks better and increases air flow in the case. If you can get rounded cables. They look really nice and again increase air flow.

    As a side note, the extra 128MB SDRAM is kind of a waste. Spend a little bet more on better quality SDRAM that will do 133Mhz at cas2. This will give you a better performance boost than adding more memroy. Also make sure you unlock the CPU and run it at 133MNhz bus speed (I think that board supports is like the Abit KT7-A does).

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