300W or more?
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Thread: 300W or more?

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    Dutch Woman Guest

    300W or more?

    is a 300W PSU enough for my PC? i mean would i have much "headroom" left in it.

    D650@988 Week 30 FOP 38
    128 PC133 Hyundai
    Abit KT7 RAID
    SB live Value
    Leadtek Geforce(1) DDR rev B @155*350
    10/100 realtek
    Viewmaster 17'1600x1200
    seagate 13.6 7200 ATA 66
    seagate 20.0 7200 ATA 100
    maxtor 4.3 5400
    12X Hitachi GD-7500
    ricoh MP7040A

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    Jan 1999
    Melbourne, Australia
    A friend with a similar system recently upgraded his 300W to a 400W because he was experiencing some problems when ever he used his CD-Writer.

    Problems fixed.

    I don't think you'd have that much "headroom" left in it personally. But if it's working fine, and you don't intend on adding anything more for a while, just stick with it.

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    Feb 1999
    Jackson Tn USA
    Ihave a similiar system and have no problems, have this PS. http://www.directron.com/eg351pve.html
    Duron 600 is ok at 109x8=872, 1.75 volts 34 Idle, 37c in Quake3, is very stable.

    Win98FE with all the downloads from MS update page
    KT7-Raid bios 6.00PG
    Duron 600/GW FOP32-1 (Dow Corning 340 Silicone heat sink Compound)
    Front 8X8 case fan, Rear 6X6 case fan
    330w Enermax PS
    Crucial pc133 c-2 128mb
    V5 5500
    WD 15.2gb 7200rpm ata66 hd
    maxtor 4.3 ata33 (storage)
    pioneer 10x DVD
    HP CDR
    SB Live
    USR 56k modem

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